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How to Make a Website In Minutes – Simple & Easy – Free Tutorial Step By Step.

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How to Make a Website In Minutes – Simple & Easy – Free Tutorial Step By Step.
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Welcome to my channel, today I’m going to be doing a bluehosted WordPress tutorial and I’m going to be showing you start to finish how to build a cool Web site just like this one on the video and we’re gonna be using a free WordPress theme and then I’ll also show you where you can get same theme as you can see on the video. Tons of other free themes to choose from. If you decide you want a different look for your Website. So if you guys got some time stick around and I’ll show you how easy it is to put up a Web site with WordPress using blue host. But before we get started I’m just going to go over a couple of things and then we’ll get right into building the actual site.

Website hosting is where your Web site is going to live online. It’s where all your content is stored all your photos and videos and basically everything that’s on your Web site is stored there. Another way I’d like to explain this to people is like this think if you’re going to build a house before you can actually start building you would need the land to put the house on. So just try to think of the domain name as the House and the hosting is the land you Web site domain name is the address of your Web site.

So for example some domain names are eBay.com Google.com YouTube.com.

You get the idea. OK guys so now that we got everything explained we can start going on and building our actual Web site. So the first thing we’re going to do is head over to this link http://bit.ly/Bluehost_Discount where we’re going to get our coupon for Bluehouse. So we’re just going to click on this bluehouse coupon here that’s going to apply discount for us and then we’re going to click on this green Get Started button here.
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