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How to Make Creative Portfolio Design using HTML & CSS – Full Course

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Hi Beautiful People out there Hope all are doing well. Today in this complete course i am gonna creating the complete portfolio website design using html css and all the modern Technologies such as HTML,CSS,Bootstrap, JavaScript & JQuery as well. After completing this portfolio website design course you can simply get your job done while facing an interview to showcase. You can simply show this portfolio website design course to an interviewer to get your job just pass. So This portfolio design course will surely work in your favor and make your website design skills to the next level and increase your design creativity in no time.

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44 thoughts on “How to Make Creative Portfolio Design using HTML & CSS – Full Course

  1. Hi ,At 1:47:02 I am not getting output like it is in the video , the icons Profile , resume , portfolio , contact are aligned from top to bottom instead of left to right , before creating tmenu , everything was proper , after entering tmenu , output is not in proper order , please help

  2. Its a great portfolio and great way to learn web styling but you haven't talked or explained about the CONTACT PART (adding google map) ?? Where to find the CONTACT part

  3. Hello Dear Brother, at 40:09, you have added a closing div tag and 2 closing section tags behind the scene that you did not write in the video. Those tags just jumped in without showing where they started. Brother. It is very hard for people like me who do not understand which section you closed. because during the watching of your video, I typed everything exactly like you and I saw you closed each tag properly. then why suddenly you added 3 closing tags without explaining? Now I am very confused brother. I do not know where these tags started before.

  4. bro as a suggestion, why don't you use "Sass" in place of CSS as you write CSS cone as in very deep class in the class in the class as so on, the code will look much more integrated as in CSS. Your Videos are amazing and nicely explained.

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