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How To Make Message Box Using HTML And CSS | Messenger Design In HTML CSS

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How To Create Message Box Using HTML and CSS – Messenger Design In HTML CSS – Chat App UI Design

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In this video you will learn to create messenger chat box or message box design using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Like and share this video and subscribe channel to watch more website design tutorials.
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27 thoughts on “How To Make Message Box Using HTML And CSS | Messenger Design In HTML CSS

  1. Why are people asking for the code? Follow the tutorial and stop being lazy. Thanks for these great tutorials, I have learned so much from you 🙂

  2. Bro u can design it in a normal editor like notepad or show the steps to downlad this editor using internet it is also to gives us new learning of install some editor bro u also give the php pages and also give how to show the output for it and also give which software we want to execute and how to excute it

  3. Bro Nxt video I want one response site in HTML as usual but this time one change to click the navigation bar option example : contact to load the CSS effect loader and Nxt to display contact page only

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