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How To RDP into CentOS 7 from Windows

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How to RDP (Remote Desktop) into CentOS 7

This tutorial shows you how to RDP into CentOS 7. Using RDP to connect to CentOS allows you to use the CentOS GUI from windows. This tutorial shows you how to RDP to CentOS from Windows 7.

The CentOS tutorial will show you how to set up your CentOS Server to allow Remote Desktop Connections from Windows.

This video will first show you how to add the relevant repos that will allow you to download the software that will enable you to RDP to your CentOS 7 Server.

Next you will download the xrdp software that you need to remote desktop connection into CentOS 7.

We will then set the firewall rules which will allow the RDP connection to your CentOS Server.

Finally we configure SELinux to insure that it doesn’t block the RDP connections to the CentOS server.

If you encounter any difficulty in following this tutorial please comment below and if I can assist i certainly will!

10 thoughts on “How To RDP into CentOS 7 from Windows

  1. This should resolve the crappy VirtualBox-hosted VMs that had GUI enabled, where you could not easily click on GUI controls due to piled up bugs. I now could remotely login without worrying about the buggy GUI presented by either GNOME or KDE with CentOS. A BIG Thanks for you to provide this how-to!

  2. I ran into an issue where my connection would immediately close out after connecting up. For those who might run into this I was able to fix it by editing the xrdp.ini file :
    cd /etc/xrdp
    vim xrdp.ini
    comment out the channel_code=1

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