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How To Retarget Website Visitors On Facebook In Less Than 10 Minutes!

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In this video I show you exactly how to retarget website visitors on Facebook in less than 10 minutes.

(it’s not that complicated and doesn’t take very long…)

Facebook retargeting ads are a no-brainer for most advertisers. Your website visitors are far more likely to buy your products and services than cold audiences…

And advertising to them is likely to deliver a much higher ROI.

There are 3 components to retargeting website visitors with Facebook ads and they are all covered in this video:
1) Install the Facebook Pixel
2) Create a website visitor custom audience
3) Target that website visitor custom audience in a Facebook ad campaign


How To Create Facebook Custom Audiences: Detailed Tutorial For 2020 (video):

How to Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences: Detailed Tutorial for 2020 (video):

Facebook Pixel Helper – Google Chrome Extension:

All Doggos (demonstration website):



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Consulting sessions are conducted via Skype. With their screen-share function I can see your Facebook ad campaigns and make real-time adjustments and recommendations to improve their performance.

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NOTE: You can download our free 5-PART FACEBOOK AD TEMPLATE here:

This template includes some of the best performing ads I’ve created for my clients in multiple industries, and if you’re looking to get better results from Facebook, you’ll find it very useful.




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10 thoughts on “How To Retarget Website Visitors On Facebook In Less Than 10 Minutes!

  1. Hi Ben, Thanks for the great content! If I create a Custom Audience based on Web traffic Today set for 30days will FB automatically update this?
    So If I run an Ad in 1 month's time with the same custom audience will it capture the additional Traffic that may have hit the site in between the date of the 1st and the 2nd Ad a month later?

  2. great video, but I have a question just to make it clearer to me, I have a website and this website has many visitors, so if I want to target those who visit my website in their facebook account with ads. then facebook pixel would be one of the possible ways. is that right

  3. Hi i want that when people visit my website so when they back to their facebook acoount my website images are shown on his timeline . my website designed in wordpress.

  4. When I create a custom audience from people who have visited my website, does that audience automatically update when new people visit, or do I need to create a new audience periodically?

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