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How to setup email to work with your domain name using a Free ZoHo Account

1 min read

Link to sign up for ZoHo Mail:

Link to Setup ZoHo on your iPhone:

In this video, I go over setting up a Free Email account with ZoHo so you can send email from your own domain name. This way you can appear more professional when emailing people, whether you run a blog, a website, or an ecommerce store like Shopify or Woocommerce on WordPress.

In this video, I will go over each step.

I will go over setting up a Free ZoHo account
I will show you how to authorize your domain for use with ZoHo
I will show you how to add or edit the DNS MX Records in NameCheap
And show you how to test the email and verify it’s working!

24 thoughts on “How to setup email to work with your domain name using a Free ZoHo Account

  1. Awesome vid. It was spot on. One thing. I know this was from 3 years ago. Has zoho changed? It's indicating smtp and imap are only available on paid plan. I THINK that means I can only get mail with their web app. Help.

  2. hi i juts finished seting up my zoho email. thanks much, however, i realized that when i send email to others my real name apears on the inbox. oopss how to change the name that appears on the inbox. Thank u in advance for the help

  3. Having a major brain fart right now. Cannot figure out my domain provider. Tucowsdomains just tells me that it's shopify.
    Lost me at 3:30ish. Thanks a ton for any feedback. It's late. I just want to get this thing off the ground and start making sales lol.

  4. Thank you SO much for this! Worked great right off the bat (I'm using Google Domains). Your video is very well done, concise and to the point, well-narrated and made this process a whole lot easier for me! So thanks again!

  5. Thanks so much for this video. I did everything in set up….. and I have no notification / action to do list. However I still cant receive email from outside eg sending a test from my gmail account to my @domain… Looks like its sending from my zoho but not receiving. Any suggestions? I have reached out to zoho but not response.

  6. Many thanks for this video, extremely helpful!

    After the mail account is setup, can I delete the verification setting and other one which had the timeout in your video, there was no timeout setting with mine.

  7. Thx for making this video!
    I've gor a little problem:
    The website, where I create my account says "Please enter a valid mobile number.", but I entered my valid mobile number.
    Does somebody know what type of format I should use for the mobile number?
    Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you understand.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. thank you for making this setup email tutorial

    i got a little trouble in setup, can you help me ?

    1. after did every step to setup email, i sent test message from my costume domain email to my gmail , and it works

    2. i try to reply from my gmail to my costume domain , but it failed "delivery to the following email recipient failed permanently" [email protected]


    i already got email setup in my cpanel too , is it will cause conflict ?

  9. Thank you very much!! Extremely helpful and so much easier than what some other bloggers online suggested to use! It works perfectly . I've been struggling with this for so long.

  10. Hey! Thank you very much for this. I have been looking for a way to do this. My namecheap dashboard looks completely different though and I can't find where I can edit host records.

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