Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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How To Try 260+ Linux Distributions From ANY Web Browser

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So you want to try that shiny new Linux distribution. Or maybe 20 of them. Before you spend the time, bandwidth and drive space downloading and installing …

7 thoughts on “How To Try 260+ Linux Distributions From ANY Web Browser

  1. I tried it out a while ago, didn't like it. At least for me is so laggy I will never try it out again. I guess I'm really far away from the servers.

  2. I wanted to test Hanna Montana Linux, but alas just tested the live image,, not bad but they failed me on the trial. Nice concept but if it keeps on, people will get too disappointed and believe is the real deal.. Let everyone make some effort and take this seriously. I walked away from them, new people to Linux will walk away even faster

  3. I like the concept. It's a great idea, but poorly executed. They've got waaay too many distros on there, and for some reason multiple versions. A completely unnecessary waste of resources. They should limit it to top 25 with only 1 version. The distros are annoyingly slow because they couldn't bother to enable GPU acceleration. On top of that, they've allocated very little RAM to each distro. And without internet access, you can't really look at the app selection or do much beyond just looking at the distro. They should at least allow internet access limited to the distro's repos, github, gitlab, flatpak and snap. That way people can actually do some proper testing.

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