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How to Upgrade Kali Linux to 2019.4 | SYSNETTECH Solutions

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How to Upgrade Kali Linux to 2019.4 | SYSNETTECH Solutions ► Article ► Read More ⬇️

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This video shows you the steps to update the Kali Linux operating system installed on VMware to the latest version.

To upgrade Kali Linux:

Step 1: If you have not previously installed Kali Linux on a virtual machine, please refer to the video or article below.


Step 2: After installing Kali Linux system, if a new version of the operating system is released, you can update your system to this new version.

Step 3: Turn on your Kali computer and run Terminal to examine the existing version, and then run cat /etc/os-release.

➦ cat /etc/os-release

Step 4: If your existing version is 2018 or 2019, you must first update the repository list to upgrade to the latest version. To do this, run nano /etc/apt/sources.list at the terminal.

➦ nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Step 5: In the Sources list, add the address below and press Ctrl + X / Y / Enter to save the file.

➦ deb kali-rolling main non-free contrib

Step 6: After editing the Kali sources list, run the following command on the terminal to upgrade Kali Linux.

➦ apt-get update && apt-get –y full-upgrade

Step 7: Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it may take time to download the required files. So wait for your Kali operating system to update.

Step 8: After the upgrade is complete, restart your computer.

Step 9: After installing the new version of Kali, you can see that the ID is 2019.4 when you check the version again.

Step 10: Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos about Linux education!



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