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HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett Review

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24 thoughts on “HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett Review

  1. It's been 2 years since I made this video and I would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback! I'd still recommend these books for anyone that is still interested in learning HTML and CSS.

  2. hey! yo.. dude the tables the login forms are instructed in javascript books are pretty old fashioned… The Book Just Looks Good But The Contents of The Books are Like Way Behind Ages! Where are those cool parallax effects, where is canvas and many more! man make a book on Html5 and css3 covering all syllabus…….

  3. Yes the books are google because it helped me with html and css. But i can't get the javascript because i can't afford it so if their is a free pdf it will be great, but for now i can afford id.

  4. hello am so happy t be here, I want to design a networking website like or but am confused as to how these websites auto-matching or manual matching of participant are done.plase can you work me through how these websites were built.What and what web programming language are used to do this.i will expect your good reply.Thanks

  5. Hello Robin,
    I'm interested in buying those books, but looking into reviews on amazon they say that the binding has a poor quality, that the books would fall apart after some use. I saw that your books looks like still in one piece, but did you notice any problem with the bindings?

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