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HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools

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This video discusses the HTML meta tag method of verifying ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools. Please see for more information.

42 thoughts on “HTML meta tag verification in Webmaster Tools

  1. Hi. I have used Webmaster Tools meta tag to verified my website, but now I realize I don't want to use the header as meta tag title, can I use plugin from another source to change my Meta Tag title and tag content?

  2. It looks straight forward but I don't have a header on my site builder. I have a box for the title, a box for the description and one for the meta tags. So where do I paste the code?? 

  3. If you use a software package like Adobe Dreamweaver as I do, they don't address that. I don't do html. So this was worthless and they don't address any other methods.

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  5. what the F is wrong with people? How can you criticize this woman whom is very smart and cares about people succeeding, not just doing a job alone. I do not understand any thumbs down hits either.

  6. Wow! Thanks Amy 🙂

    When you say theme settings, do you mean Appearance > Editor? If so, which file does it go into… I'm guessing I should be able to edit header.php right inside the editor?

    Thanks again !

  7. I subscribed to this to learn answers to questions that other subscribers are asking. This video looks instead like one in a number of tutorials on how to use the Google Webmaster Tools. Please submit this video under GoogleWebmasterTuts or GoogleWebmasterTools or some other channel specific to tutorials rather than Q&A.

  8. The best method is on DNS or via Analytics Code cause then you do not have to change your HTML Templates which could get changed when you do an update of your content management system.

  9. :p 1:14 "Your site is where you tell your friends or customers to go to see your homepage.", yep, people stuk in the 90's also need this info.

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