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HTML Tutorial for Beginners – 23 – iframe element

1 min read

In this video we will discuss the iframe element

HTML Source:
First page:
Second page:

30 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial for Beginners – 23 – iframe element

  1. It's the best channel to star with as a beginner. I feel really happy to find it. But I have a question about "fieldset"
    When we doing fieldset I want to set a size for that form as we are doing in "text area". Is it possible in HTML?

  2. EJ Media, thank you. So how to fix it- the browser does not support iframes. I'm trying to load a Privacy Policy from the other site. Please could you explain to me. Thanks I like your tutorial video.

  3. for some reason when i put the <a href….> after the <iframe…> it wont show ? im sure the code is written correctly cause when i switch the order of the two , as in <a href..> before <iframe..> it shows on top of border . why wont it show on the bottom of the border when <a href> is placed under the <iframe..> ???

  4. Your videos are so amazing and easy to follow, I was wondering if you would do any videos on Django since I've learn python and I'm not really interested in PHP or Java script for web development… thank you for these videos and keep up the excellent work!!!

  5. when I click on switch to a new document it opens in an another tab and not in the iframe my code <body>

    <iframe frameborder="1" width="200" height="200" src="first.html" name="our iframe" id="ouriframe"><br>

    do you see this?


    <a href="second.html" target="ouriframe">swith to new document</a>


  6. ( <iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%" … )

    "width" is fine, the width of the page go to 100%. But "height" just not work properly, the height of the page looks like 100. I check every single character and is still not working.

  7. I tried this code and for some reason it opened the page in a new tab? do you know why this happened?. also thank you so much for all of your videos they are all perfect and are really fun to watch.

  8. Okay I got a couple of questions.

    1. This is not a smart way to do it but say I wanted to show your video on my webpage, could I put in the URL for this site into the src?

    2. Is there a way to crop the screen? same scenario as question #1: I wanna crop out everything around the video player how would I do that?

    3. You switch to the second document by clicking on the link. Is there a way to switch between the two(without having a second link to switch to the first document)?

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