Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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HUGE Kali Update | 2019.4 | Kali Undercover | Kali Linux New Version

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The new Kali Linux 2019.4 is here and it’s incredible. This Kali update is so huge and they’ve really shown that they’re listening to the community and giving people what they want.

This Kali update includes things like:
– Works in VmWare out of the box
– Kali Undercover mode
– Open Source Documentation
– Community Packaging
– And a TON more. This Kali update is HUGE!

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10 thoughts on “HUGE Kali Update | 2019.4 | Kali Undercover | Kali Linux New Version

  1. The display configuration doesn't work right. When I select my laptop screen as the primary monitor and my Acer monitor as the secondary, it still wants to put the primary screen (with all the toolbars, etc) on that Acer monitor. I move the Acer monitor so that it is on the left, and my laptop on the right in the settings because that is where they are physically located. The only way it will work right (main stuff on the laptop screen), the mouse has to be moved offscreen to the right to go to the monitor on the left.

  2. Instead of typing the command again, just push the "up" arrow key or type part command and hit tab 😀 also I noticed you don't need to use "apt-get" can just use "apt" it is freaking awesome!

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