Fri. Feb 14th, 2020

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I Found an Old Gaming Computer In The Trash, so….. Linux

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I found this old gaming computer at the trash in my building, and after about a year of it sitting in my apartment, I finally decided to getting it running again. It has and Asus M3N72-D Motherboard, an Athlon X2 6000+ CPU, 4gb of RAM, but was missing storage and a video card, and had a broken wifi card. I got it all up and running again, and even playing games! (old ones). I edited, rendered and uploaded this video on it as well. Help my channel out by shopping for your next PC with this Amazon link

9 thoughts on “I Found an Old Gaming Computer In The Trash, so….. Linux

  1. Time to bring back Linux Music Studio! Great to see all my fav linux apps being put to good use. Might want to give a try to replacing that Gnome based desktop with XFCE and it'll probably improve performance a lot. Sure wish you were up here I got a whole basement full of those power cords.

  2. The Linux version of CSGO is poorly optimized. I suggest you enable steam play for all titles. And btw. There are a few nice tweaks you can do in order to improve the performance. For starters, install vkBasalt. It's like SweetFX on Windows but for Linux. Once installed, just add the launch option "ENABLE_VKBASALT=1 %command%" to your game on steam. And then there's also GameMode. Once installed, just add the launch option "LD_PRELOAD=$LD_PRELOAD:/usr/$LIB/ %command%". I also use a Proton mod called GloriousEggroll. This one isn't for performance boost but rather to work around hinders preventing you from playing certain games.

  3. Pop OS on that old thing?
    I'd personally go with something lighter like Peppermint OS.
    Because 4gigs of ram is not a lot of horsepower and should therefore be put to better use than just the operating system.

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