Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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I hosted a Minecraft BOYFRIEND competition

3 min read

a minecraft gameshow but the winner gets an edate with me..
MY CAPE that i made lol: (code demoned!)
💬 👍 leave a comment, I like to read and reply to my comments!! AND leave a like if you wanna support and motivate me to keep making videos again! ♥ ily

yes twitter yes follow

☾ * message from demoned * ☾

or if you’re feeling creative comment something about a potato. comment the craziest thing involving a potato that you can think of. i don’t know. THE POINT IT THAT I’LL KNOW YOU READ THE DESCRIPTION AND I WILL LOVE U FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE WHETHER U WANT ME TO OR NOT
buy my badlion cape i love it im srry i beg everyone to buy it
u get a special rank in my discord that’s dark red and makes u look cool if u buy it code demoned
and if ur not in my discord join OMG

last video i didn’t even have yt rank on hypixel yet 😮 well ISNT THAT CRAZY BECAUSE NOW I HAVE IT AND I STILL HAVENT MADE A VIDEO ABOUT GETTING IT
merch soon.. aha ha.. jk .. unless !?
i mean if i made merch idk what to put on it or if anyone will buy it but it’s cool it’s fine i’ll discuss that later. love u
i really havent uploaded in so long so this is stressful. im scared for the comments and what people will say/think but personally i think this is probably my most entertaining video yet (or maybe i just hate my old vids cause ive watched them many times LOL) and def the video with the most time and effort put into it. it was a 2+ hour recording, and we had to write the questions, build a stage, and more, JUST for this video. so idk. i like it, im proud of it, the only thing is that i didn’t edit it because i really hate doing that :’) idk if anyone noticed but i forgot to put the top comments at the beginning and that’s totally my fault!! i can’t believe i forgot. i edited the beginning but asked my editor to do the rest, and he did an amazing job imo. shoutout to gevids HAHA
i have new hair and if u havent seen it on my tiktok, @xdemoned, you’ll prob see it in an upcoming upload. thanks for supporting me still. i know this won’t blow up like my old videos did because i havent uploaded in forever, but i’m hoping it’ll get somewhere atleast!! share with friends maybe?? if it does really well i’ll just upload every saturday 🙂 ♥

social media
* IRL Instagram➤
☾Snapchat➤ qtangelicaa


Video editor: GEVids! Sub to him, he makes his own videos too

Minecraft info

Server: my friend’s server and hypixel 🙂
Minecraft IGN: Demoned

Keyboard and mouse

Corsair k70 Rapidfire (SPECIAL EDITION) [Speed Switches]
Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition (Mercury White)
6000 Mouse DPI
119% Minecraft sens
4th tick in Windows settings

ily cuties ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
have a good day/night ♡
~Angelica xox
IF you’re reading this right now you’re in the 2% of viewers who check the bottom of the description. comment “it’s my birthday” and only the real ones will get it
also me.
i will get it.
i will notice u for that LOL
family friendly pg clean no cussing & no swearing

43 thoughts on “I hosted a Minecraft BOYFRIEND competition

  1. yes I look different here but GLAD TO HAVE UPLOADED!! luv me again pls :'( MY CAPE: (code demoned)
    follow my twitter
    PLEASE don't be weird or immature in the comments. remember i'm still a person behind the screen and don't wanna read disturbing stuff, i DO read and reply to my comments. also i'm sorry if you also noticed i look SUPER different, my eyes are clearly/noticeably swelling due to my cheap & expired contacts. i could also barely see through them, so i was squinting. i am NOT HIGH

    im sorry ive been gone for SO!! LONG!! i was having some personal issues along with being quit on 4 times by editors (i took a break because editing itself was very demotivating, then could hardly find someone else)!!

    this footage is months old too LOL u can see "09/08/19" on the right at 3:44
    i think someone else did a similar video a few weeks before i uploaded this video, but i did record this months before they posted theirs :(( i didn't steal their idea i promise!!

    if u really wanna keep up with my social medias, i also have a tiktok @xdemoned and i post more recent videos of myself w/ my new "look" (diff hair color, makeup, eyes.. etc)
    i have more followers on tiktok than subs on youtube o_o

  2. Hi it's totally my birthday I swear definitely didn't read the description because cough I just do all the time cough so anyways thanks for uploading and how the hecc do you do that really high pitched voice lmao

    Edit: I read over this again and it looks SO frickin stupid

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