Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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I Hosted Super Late Models @Lanier Paying The Top 3!!

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Race Vlog of an IRacing Super Late Model event that I hosted, paying out the top 3 with a $50 purse with no Entry Fee! Facebook:
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31 thoughts on “I Hosted Super Late Models @Lanier Paying The Top 3!!

  1. You said lanier. Is it supposed to be lanier raceway in georgia? The last time i knew it was a nascar sanctioned track and it was asphalt. But then again peach state apeedway in Jefferson georgia existed. Lol.

  2. Hey buddy I meant to ask you earlier and kind of got off track you didn’t by chance have any Kin that worked at the Pensacola Police Department sometime back retired by now I’m sure I am from originally Pensacola and now I live up here in Concord North Carolina and just just wondering thank you

  3. Hey Jesse I really enjoyed that racing, I also thk Santa will be bringing me a racing set up. Keep racing my friend, looks so close to the real thing, even mud on camera lens!! lol, good luck buddy.

  4. Hey buddy get you somebody to sponsor these races that would be some very cheap advertisement for somebody and it’s very entertaining it was cool dude keep up the good work it’s getting better and better each time you make a video

  5. Jesse bro, that was awesome!!! Exciting really — really exciting! I'm fine with more iracing…… all for it (My setup is on it's way! 🙂 …… now of course it may take me a while to get up to that level but I'll be hangin' out……. and definitely watchin.

  6. Hey Jesse! Just got into iracing about a week ago. Was wondering if you could give me any advice for your wheel setup? Any time I drive a late model my car is really twitchy and almost “unloads” the left rear. Was hoping you could help with what range of motion and sensitivity I should try and that works for you. Hope to race with you soon!

  7. How about a video to show what someone would need to get started in this? What is needed for computers/controls? What about building a car, maintaining it, changing setups?

  8. Jesse I just checked out your facebook page. And I started thinking ,which honestly hurt a little bit, that the wrap on your IRacing car would look great on the joiners other late model. I also thought U might pick up your old handle as The Outlaw.

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