Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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I Spent $1,000 On Articles For My Website

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in this video i show you how i spent $1,000 on outsourcing articles for my website to get free traffic.

subsicribe here

get content written here

get the keyword tools here

follow the progress of the rankings here

Search Engine Rankings Update

we go thru how i got the articles written, where i got them from, how the content came out, and how i will be posting the content on my website for free traffic getting.

remember the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed, i have been doing this 20 years and there is a lot of work involved. this is not a guarantee that your site will rank for the keywords you choose.

7 thoughts on “I Spent $1,000 On Articles For My Website

  1. I went and bought a decent laptop today so I can fly into your course I bought… Hear this… I will be one of your best all time students. I will do whatever it takes man

  2. Hello Marcus, I started watching your channel last week! I'm a student currently in S.Korea and I'm literally starving myself to save 1000$ to invest (which I successfully have it now) planning to buy your courses and start this Journey! Thanks a lot!

  3. If you order articles online for your blog then check the writers: their portfolio, feedbacks, experience. If writers create content about broad topics I'm not sure it's a good idea to cooperate with him. It's much better to cooperate with bloggers in your niche who have ranking content about your topics. It takes time to find them. I usually write for a hundred bloggers, then 50% of them don't reply, 45% reply with crazy price, but 5% give suitable price.

  4. Great video im Subed whats the best Keyword Tool? i got the toolbar but there is a html 1 in " money getting tools" can't find kw sniffer :/

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