Mon. Feb 17th, 2020

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iCloud Bypass and iPhone Jailbreak using Checkra1n on Linux

1 min read

In this video we’re taking a look at how to bypass iCloud and jailbreak your iPhone using the latest Checkra1n exploit on Linux of course – Kali Linux, which is based on Debian, to be precise! 😉

This works on devices with iOS 12.3 and up from iPhone 5s to iPhone X.

You will need a mac to bypass the activation lock.



Note: Please do this only on your own devices for research and educational purposes.

18 thoughts on “iCloud Bypass and iPhone Jailbreak using Checkra1n on Linux

  1. this video suck.. after all. he's telling to use mac.. whats the use of windows or linux.. if you have mac os.. you can jailbreak and unlock it easily using mac os.. it sucks.. dont make video.. that. dont know whats for .

  2. Thankyou bro ! i am with you since you had all of your videos implementing evrything from phyton shells to android to evreything . big respect keep it up you are a GOD

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