Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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I'M FEELING IT!! | Consternation 2

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43 thoughts on “I'M FEELING IT!! | Consternation 2

  1. Please Mark can u play Katana Zero pls,record that game on episodes pls,that game is so cool and psyhologic,you will like it,make a series with that game pls.

  2. You know , Mark?!
    Don't take this the wrong way , but I've been always jealous of your success, in a good way of course, and looking at my life , how I failed miserably to achieve the goals that I've been trying SO hard for years , and looking back at my failures I wonder , How?!
    How did you succeed ?
    How does it feel like ?
    I've always thought that relying on logic and numbers will help me , but I just kept failing over and over again , and when I finally settled for a path , I didn't make it .
    And I ask myself , will I ever get to know what success feels like?!
    Will I ever be like you ?!

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