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Implementing Stack Mechanics (16-Bit VM in JavaScript 004)

1 min read

In this episode, we create an implementation for the stack mechanisms that were described in the last episode. If you have seen that, you can find it at

=[ ℹ About ℹ ]=

This series is all about building a powerful virtual machine in JavaScript with the following features:

– A flexible, extensible, register-based virtual machine
– Support for signed, unsigned and floating point operations
– A call stack
– Interrupt capabilities
– Ability to do memory mapping for IO
– An assembly language with macro and module support
– A higher level, C like language. We’ll use and expand the library from the parser combinators from scratch series
– And finally, to be able to take the whole thing into the browser and exend it to create a sort of fantasy console – an emulator for a machine that never existed

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– Series Playlist:
– Github Repo:

– Stack Data Structure:
– Subroutine:

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