Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Installing Joomla on Linux (Debian's Distros Based)

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7 thoughts on “Installing Joomla on Linux (Debian's Distros Based)

  1. When I recorded this video, Youtube limited my time. This is the problem… I needed to record with speed of lightt, but you can stop and reward how many times you want. Tks!

  2. Sorry man, this music is my! 😉 I recorded at home. Play instrument by instrument. I can send to you, just contact me using my e-mail that showed on my videos.

  3. @edwardtagg Write your question and the distro that you're using! Debian, Ubuntu, Mint…..? I have some friends that installed Joomla without problems, but I've friends that had problems in some points. These points….. they've lack of attention or haven't enough technical knowledge.

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