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Intro to Desktop Environments

1 min read

This starts a new series on introducing new users to Linux Desktop Environments, which are the Graphical User Interface displays allowing you to work with your mouse, setup application windows, and use the computer outside the terminal.
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45 thoughts on “Intro to Desktop Environments

  1. Gnome like Mac…… Thank God they are actually nothing alike. I was very angry when they moved from Gnome2. I complained a LOT. But then after using 3 for a while I'm so happy they did. Of course, not everything cool has returned from 2 and compositing is a miss. I know they are trying to avoid that. And I know they are saying that everything compositing 'was' in 2 'is' in 3 but…… Eh….. I'm glad they provided wayland and x in 10

  2. Thank you for mentioning that XFCE is a good choice for aged hardware. I resurrected a Dell Latitude D620 Notebook with Linux mint 17.3 after mounting a larger HD and upgrading RAM to the supported maximum of 4GB. The D620 is a machine designed for Windows XP back in the day. It comes with a Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz CPU. Not much for today's standards, but at least it turned out to be a 64 bit processor. 🙂

    I had not much joy using the notebook with the Cinnamon DE, which I love to use on my PC. After switching to XFCE however it performs very acceptable. For a while now it runs with Linux Mint 19.2 Tina. I'll have a look at LXQt too which I took notice of only a short while ago. It should perform as good as XFCE I guess.

  3. I'm not quite sure BUT I think MATE, Cinnamon, Xfce, etc. are actually GNOME. I didn't try Solus. So there'er actually 3 types of Environment: 1) Qt-based 2) gtk-based and 3) for crazy vi-kings there are some suckless types!

  4. For me XFCE is like a good old fashioned 'windows 9X'. I've been using it for the 20y I've been switched to linux, and it works perfectly for what I want. Early days it wasn't that customisable but now I can change and setup everything the way I want and need (minus sketch-up to one app that I haven't found a comparable equal, and I don't do wine)

  5. Hello Tom As some viewers already mentioned it you forgot several DE: DDE, Lumina, Moksha, Pantheon, Unity (there are still users on Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity) to name the most important ones from those you forgot to mention!

  6. I think I may switch to i3 from Gnome, lol. IDK I messed around with i3 for like an hour a while back… I didn't understand it at first. But now that I have switched to Vim from nano (yes, I have sold my soul to the Vimil [blame me not wanting to install nano on FreeBSD]) and I really want to try it.

    If I do, then it is moving from Gnome set up similar to MacOS with Dash-to-dock and a few other things with g-tile for four-corner snap, to i3. LoL

  7. Recursive acronyms are worse than Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, and Hitler combined.

    Also the English language doesn't change just because you made some software.
    I came up with a file extension, it's .car you pronounce it as anal-discharge…

  8. No Pantheon?
    If you're coming from OSX, you will probably enjoy the Pantheon and Deepin desktop environments as they share many of the same similarities to Mac.
    Not to mention they're really polished and great looking.

  9. I don't see Gnome as a Mac, but like Android. The way it works and looks is very, very similar do Android. It's like an Android for desktop.
    I have never used Mac myself, so I don't see similarities between them.

  10. Fantastic series Tom, can't wait! – On a different note, what is the best way to contact you officially? I am writing a Christian faith based book and would like to ask you a few simple questions about publishing and distribution. – Thanks for the video!

  11. Great stuff man, I find new users to Linux get a ton of benefit from these types of videos. Explaining the parts of a Linux Distribution will help a ton with future adoption. I love seeing more of these types of videos pop up instead of the usual "check out this new distribution" we see everywhere on YouTube.

  12. Of the DEs mentioned, I'm most interested in Budgie and Mate, as I've never used them. I've never gotten on with Gnome. Granted I'm no keyboard shortcut wizard, but I see no contradiction between a DE that can be controlled by keyboard shortcuts and one that is mouse, or touch, controlled. If feels to me as if Gnome has undergone a lobotomy during its development. I also like Cinnamon and KDE. XFCE takes a fair bit of customisation to not look pig-ugly!

  13. Linux is the savior of the Humanity against Microsoft and other giant corporations…

    P.S. I use Gnome, because I do NOT want to remember about Windows 10 GUI which is both bloated and ugly…

  14. Personally, I use KDE and Cinnamon. MATE is nice but tends to do weird things. I like gnome but the lack of desktop icons really turns me off. I only use it if I really have to. Ig Fedora Silverblue.

  15. Unrelated comment, but would you mind giving your opinions on the GNU IceCat browser? I use it for private searches on Manjaro and was wondering what you think?

  16. Will definitely be keeping up with this series. What you said about Budgie was a big insight for me…I KNEW there was something I really liked about Budgie. I'm a mouse man, and I like Windows-style environments 😀

  17. I'm thinking about doing the same, my old videos are soo bad, I don't know why my super old subscribers even subscribed to me cause of my cringe. I have a list of videos I'm planning on redoing.

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