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Introduction – Java Chess Engine Tutorial 1

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19 thoughts on “Introduction – Java Chess Engine Tutorial 1

  1. You can't begin to comprehend how thankful I am for this, my final in a class at college involves a chessboard and I was getting stuck on it for like 2 weeks, thank you so much!

  2. Question here
    I have Visual Studio and I am piling tons of info to start my crusade next year in programming according to your tutorial ,my focus is a chess prog bot capable of playing auto in chess server,does this tutorial will help me on this mission impossible

  3. I really appreciate that you do this. I will ise this tut to learn about this type of coding. With that i will make a game in unity what looks like chess its called khet. I'm not sure if i can hold on to the tutorial because of school.

  4. I learned a lot from your tutorial. You explained clear. I had been researching on game development like tetris, pacman and online chess where I can play chess with a friend over the internet using Ajax and jQuery. Your tutorial is very valuable even if you are using Java. I am using Javascript/HTML. Whatever language, I can still follow the tutorial. More power to you.

  5. I will continue this tutorial till the end. As well, I will be giving at least one tutorial on alpha-beta search. (I find it a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp, so I will be sure to carefully plan out how I will teach it.)

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