Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

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Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)

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Air travel is a quintessential product of the fossil fuel era: It’s both highly convenient and difficult to replace with alternatives. Now as the impacts of climate change are becoming more urgent, a growing “flight shame” movement is prompting consumers to question their air travel. Glad You Asked host Joss Fong explores the ethical implications of flying in a world on the brink of crisis.

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As Billions More Fly, Here’s How Aviation Could Evolve

According to the annual Airlines for America report, 48 percent of travelers in the United States flew on an airline in 2017.

Climate change in the US will hurt poor people the most, according to a bombshell federal report


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34 thoughts on “Is it Wrong to Fly? – Glad You Asked S1 (E6)

  1. Assuming this is true and the average American destroys at least 5 square meters of ice from the North Pole idk if that’s per year or per lifetime assuming it’s per year and the North Pole is 6 mil square miles the entirety of America destroys 1 mil square miles each year meaning the North Pole should be melted in 6 years

  2. Aviation accounts for less than 5% of global carbon emissions , and you guys chose to target that ? Instead of the other much BIGGER problems ? Like China accounting for 28% of emissions

  3. A Weeb who does not go outside, use cars, use airplanes for vacations because doesnt go to vacation, eats only 1 meal(meat) a day because often forget to eat while watching series, sees this video

  4. Climate alarmism results from a lack of historical perspectives. For example, the current severe range fires in Australia (many of which were started by arsonists) are being cited as another example of climate change. But the 1966 book "The Australians" (by Robert B. Goodman and George Johnston) contains photographs of equally large range fires in the same states–which occur at intervals, naturally, due to lightning strikes. Also, in the late 1970s we were being warned about an impending ice age (an episode of Leonard Nimoy's show "In Search Of…", which can be viewed elsewhere here on YouTube, covered this prediction and reviewed the experts' data, and was particularly frightening…but the ice age never came). So, I fly with no shame or guilt at all.

  5. So like, their point isn't wrong, but it would have been nice if they didn't spend 10 minutes arrogantly talking about how flying is bad in the context of 4 people flying an ungodly number of times, 5 minutes on how a tiny, 2 seater plane could fly across 3 states in a bit (while flying 7k miles in a bad gas plane to get unnecessary footage), and a few minutes on Greta – someone who, as you say minutes after your initial point, does not directly shame individuals for flying. Like, those things are relevant…but their placement and length really kind of make your video seem, idk, out of touch, hypocritical, and arrogant. Gotta get that ad money tho to pay for the unnecessary flight across the country to get footage of a battery plane taxiing on a taxiway about as fast as a man can walk – all while using electricity which is probably generated by burning coal (a thing worse than jet fuel for the environment)…Lazy, vox….lazy.

  6. I have flown twice in the last 4 years so it is quite bizarre to be lectured about flying by a Vox team that has taken 84 flights in just the last year, and another one to make this video.

    Not doubting the importance of the situation, but still.

  7. How can first class people contribute to more emissions? The large seats are there regardless, and they weigh the same no matter where they're sitting

  8. I’d like to see their sources for some of the emissions “facts”. It’s also important to note that CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas contributing to climate change or emitted in combustion. As well as this the electric aircraft is not without its polluting power when the aircraft takes off or lands the tyres produce particulate matter and I’m sure the source of the electricity is not carbon neutral, especially in the US.

  9. Im so sick of hippies trying to make most people feel bad abt flying that they never done when they are doing most of the flying and drinking coffee from a non-reusable cup(Chloe, its u, again)

  10. My English isn't that good. However, I'm curious about all your content, and I'm trying to watch as far as I can understand. Please add turkish subtitles to videos now. Thanks..

  11. 84 flights in a year sounds like a lot, but I guess it´s mostly work right?

    2:33 Almost half of them were for work ?! Thats still more than 10 flights per person just for leasure? Also I hope that you counted the flight there and back as 2 flights…

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