Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

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Is Linux Slower?, Google Tracking Your Health Records, Bytecode Alliance | Destination Linux 148

1 min read – Hosted by Noah, Michael, Zeb, Ryan & Matt

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Mozilla, Intel, fastly, and Red Hat Form the Bytecode Alliance
Kdenlive 19.08.3 Released
Volla Phone Kickstarter
Google Project Nightingale
If Linux Feels Slower, That’s Because It Is
Shovel Knight: King of Cards and Shovel Knight Showdown
Helvetii Coming To Linux

Software Spotlight:
Drill – very fast file search utility

Tips & Tricks:
– Trick to navigate through Telegram is Ctrl + 0 to jump to saved messages
– Ctrl + 1-5 jumps to pinned chats that you have in whatever order you put them in.
– Press and hold the Send button on Mobile to Schedule a message or Send without activating a notification sound

20 thoughts on “Is Linux Slower?, Google Tracking Your Health Records, Bytecode Alliance | Destination Linux 148

  1. On smartphone privacy & security, what's wrong with iPhone? FYI, I've never owned an iPhone, always Android, but it seems to me Apple do a better job for privacy than Google.

  2. 2020 you will not see much 10nm from Intel only a few notebooks the rest comes 2021 and even that will be limited to 4 cores, the 6 core notebooks will stay at 14nm.

  3. KASLR pretty much fixed Meltdown but Spectre on the other hand is not going away. Instead of trying to (slowly) erase predictive branches to eliminate potential leaks (which aren’t going away even on new hardware) why not have the kernel encrypt each branch with a key unique to that branch? You won’t have to erase it as it’s encrypted and it could be done on the fly. Basically start from the premise that all hardware past, present and future will inevitably be flawed and the kernel should be changed to fix the issue. How key management is enforced…

  4. Volla seems very irrelevant to me, the only advantage they have is a good preinstallation. But you can pick from 1000 smartphones install lineageos and setup it similary. So only interesting for noobs but they usually don't give a shit about privacy anyway.

  5. I think having similar options than zfs would be enough you don't need many more features to be attractive. You just need in-kernel support and you have a killer feature.

    Having not to hack around with DKMS and having every year random suprises like:
    4 months for a workaround in 1 distro.
    a real fix took 6 months:

    But not only that, that can happen again and again, but also many distros just don't install zfs except some external software installation and shit.

    So just having something similar enough to ZFS that it does not matter but be NOT ZFS (and therefor in mainline kernel) would be good enough to replace ZFS in the long run.

    Speedwise at least according to that benchmark ZOL (so the only important ZFS implementation) looses:

    Why would you spend kickstarter money to fund android system with all included spyphone with proprietary modem os included that sends your ram content to google? I don't get it…

  6. Thanks guys, good show! And btw, they fixed the Resolve install script in the Arch AUR. It's working fine here. (it will download the free version during the install process).

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