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Is That Fragrance Website Legit? (Basics #14)

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This series answers all the basic fragrance questions you may have. Today: Is that fragrance website legit?
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31 thoughts on “Is That Fragrance Website Legit? (Basics #14)

  1. I have use this website before and honestly they are legit and fast delivery. It’s important to mention their customer service is not bad at all tho . My only complaints I guess would it be ( how poorly they packaging it’s ) some times I just go to FragranceNET only bc of that reason. But yes they are legit and no they are not paying me lmao

  2. Okay so to update what I posted. I received my fragrance two days ago so it only took FragranceX 3 days to ship me my product. Now I could not find Elie Saab Le Parfume to sample before I received it from FragranceX so I can't testify that it smells like the department store. It has a very strong opening, which I'm not use to but the dry down is absolutely beautiful and it's lasted a good 5+ hours on me. So my suggestion is to purchase something you already have first to verify that the perfume smells the way it's suppose to smell. Other than not really knowing if the smell is the same I'm really pleased with FragranceX service and price.

  3. I just purchased my first fragrance at FragranceX so I'm about to find out when it gets here. I will be going to a retail store to hopefully get a sample of the perfume so I can compare when it arrives. Will let you know in 2-5 days.

  4. Havent used frangranceX, so i guess my response is invalid, but i was just about to order something on there, which is usually $140 from the actual brand, but on frangranceX it was ~$130, with a %15 off coupon it was roughly $111, but then once i added up all the shipping, taxes, etc, it turned out to be $138. so i guess saving $2 on a much older fragrance is definitely not a deal, but i guess if you either live closer or however you get around that, it might actually be a good deal? i guess its different to each individual

  5. sorry on bbb fragrancex is selling lots of fake perfumes based on very recent reviews for 2019, people be very careful, that is why I prefer to buy at Ross where I can return perfumes and they are real ones, or I buy at full price without fear at macy's, bloomingdales, neiman marcus, saks fifth peacefully, I learned once they mentionned "WE SELL AUTHENTIC" mmmm. I usually called customer service of the brands such as(lancome, givenchy, dior etc) to ask them about these retailers, once they tell you that these sites are not their retailers, so get ready for expired and fake ones!!!!!!

  6. ok, yeah, my 2 cents…I have been shopping at Fragrance X for years now, and they have been great. I buy a cologne that is several years old now, but all the one's I have got from them have looked new, I've never had a single problem, they have all been very fresh, and my shopping experience there has been great. I would say, avoid there if you hate saving money.

  7. I've been buying from Fragrance X for years. And have been pleasantly satisfied. I bought perfumes as gifts, men cologne for my husband. No complaints ever! If I knew how to add pictures I would.

  8. GREAT VIDEO! Thanks for this information! I have shopped at fragranceX before and had a good experience! I"m going to use my coupon I received from my last purchase RIGHT NOW! (Calvin Klein eternity & Alfred Sung perfumes!)

  9. I bought stuff from this site numerous times and it really is totally legit.They're awesome! I live in Canada.
    I totally get peoples' skepticism though because of all the fraud out there.

  10. some of their colognes that they sell r fake, u can check on various websites if its real, shelf date etc, if it comes up with a date after u type in the serial number then its real but if it doesnt its fake, the Burberry london cologne they sell is a 100 percent fake, the knit on it is glued on with one dot of it and the serial number is sticked on

  11. Yes Ebay is not a good choice. But I know a seller that sells legit and have bought from them many times, but there are also tons of scammers. But even if u do get scammed on eBay, u are covered. Ebay does not tolerate that shit, they will refund u your money. I know. I’ve been shopping on eBay for over 15 yrs now. They always refunded me if I had any problems and I have had a few sellers try to sell me samples of fake perfumes. I knew right away. I am a collector of high end perfumes and I know my scents. I always tell them I’m there to catch scammers like them….lol they don’t like that. I’ve had a few get kicked off eBay.

  12. I use eBay all the time. Fragrancenet even has an account on eBay. You just have to know who you're buying from. Besides eBay has a 100% money back guarantee. Even if you get scammed they will force seller to make it right or refund you.

  13. FragranceX is great. Their customer support is fantastic. I am using them as a distributor and they have never disappointed at all. They have so many fragrances, and even some of the Niche stuff.

  14. YES They are legit. What happens is malls never sell all of their colognes. So they go into wholesale mode where you get them for pennies on the dollar from wholesalers. I own about 60 plus colognes from fragrancex. I collect scents I LOVE and was only able to collect them because of fragrancex and fragrancenet. Honestly fragrancenet sometimes has even better deals and harder to find scents. Try both of them.

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