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James Bond 25 No Time To Die Will Be Different Than Every Other James Bond Movie

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James Bond 25 No Time To Die Trailer reveals some new details about Daniel Craig’s Bond.
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The most famous member of her majesty’s secret service. The guy who likes it shaken, not stirred, and has a license to do something that we can’t say on YouTube? Well, he’s no longer going to be a man.

No Time To Die, the newest installment in one of the oldest film franchises ever, is hoping to shake things up. First of all, Daniel Craig is stepping down after playing Bond for more than a decade. Taking his place will be Lashana Lynch. Although she may not technically “007,” the trailer has informed us that she’s a “00” agent. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want old man James getting in her way but. They do everything come out and say it: there’s going to be a new, female James Bond.

How are they going to handle this transition? It’ll be tough, because this isn’t just a fictional changing of the guard. This is a symbolic move for the film industry in general. But, chances are they’re not gonna be bungling it. They hired the biggest new name in entertainment to come in as a hired gun and re-do parts of the script?

Who, you ask? Phoebe Waller-Bridge, obviously! The writer, producer and star of Fleabag, the best show in recent memory. The writer and producer of Killing Eve, the bingiest piece-of-candy spy show ever with a little extra twist. Suffice it to say that James Bond, or whatever 007’s new name might be, is in safe hands.

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45 thoughts on “James Bond 25 No Time To Die Will Be Different Than Every Other James Bond Movie

  1. no likes and dislikes shown? wow they must have real faith that this garbage full of garbage, starting craigboi and african man.

    realy feeling the diversity cancer, let it crash and burn to the diversity hired demons.

    and another franchise goes down in flames.

  2. Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond. He is dark and troubled like the Bond in the books. If they want to make a spinoff series with a girl Bond, go ahead, but give her her own 00 number.

  3. It is both sexist and patronizing to women to take franchises with strong, male characters, and simply appropriate them with females. It's lazy and condescending. It implies that an original movie with a strong female lead can not stand on its own. But, to the WOKE, this is somehow empowering? Just as with everything else these days (i.e. racism, sexism, intolerance, etc.), it is those who are truly prejudiced that are masquerading as advocates.

  4. Didn't see like/dislike function being turned off for a video in a while, even Youtube for it's 2018 rewind video didn't do it, seems even Youtube has bigger balls than Screen Rant…

  5. i honoustly do not see the attraction in bond, the stories were extremely dated when i was young. not to mention predictable to a fault, even if you never read the books. for all i care they put in a legit space alien for divercity and i still couldn't care about james bond movies. glad to see feminists got a hold of this one too though. that brings the potential of actuall, new, good movies that much closer.
    edit: spelling.

  6. Reading all these comments makes it seem like James Bond will be a female….007 will be a female….not saying that's any better but seems like people think we're getting a female called James Bond

  7. I like what you had to say about the last James Bond movie by Daniel Craig, but I really can’t see a woman taking over the role of Bond, but I keep an open mind about it…

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