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"JAVA" -by "Loose Bruce" Kerr -Sun vs. Microsoft (1997)

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This parody of “Ja-Da,” a World War I era song Bruce sang at summer camp growing up in Wisconsin regards the Sun Microsystems v. Microsoft lawsuit on Java technology from 1997, as told by Sun’s own Assistant General Counsel, “Loose Bruce” Kerr.

Kerr had just joined Sun’s legal department when the lawsuit was filed. Kerr recorded this in his Silicon Valley garage 6 months into his new job, one vocal and instrument at a time on a 4 track cassette deck. Yes, those are non-heavy metal ukeleles on this recording.

Now with background tracks digitally remastered and stereo-ized, here is the video Bruce has been putting off making since 1997. Bruce performs live over his old background tracks in this video.

Loose Bruce Kerr performs irregularly on the Dr. Demento & Jim Bohannon nationally syndicated radio shows. During Kerr’s earlier career as a musical performer and comedian, he opened for “Weird Al” Yankovic.

The high res video as well as the mono and stereo mp3 files are available for free download at: http://loosebrucekerr.libsyn.com

email Bruce at: [email protected]

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