Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Javascript Storage Like MYSQL – Code With Mark

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Download the code here:

Please watch: “Easiest & Fastest Content Management System They Didn’t Tell You – Code With Mark”


6 thoughts on “Javascript Storage Like MYSQL – Code With Mark

  1. I've created games and apps(html/css/javascrpt) that I needed them to be offline. In the course of playing, the games/apps generate data which is held within the page. The data is normally retained until the page is refreshed, which is like resetting the app/game. So this is not quite new. The reason it is not applicable is because you cannot prevent users from refreshing or closing the window when connection is poor, a situation that results in lose of all the data which you surely were hoping to transfer to the server.

  2. hi i look lot of videos but i cant find any thing which show how i can use code to add.
    id, code, then amount,date, update,delete. next page,
    if i want to know with code(serial number) how much amount have. or how many time i use this serial number
    serial number of a card. as bank card. but there is lot of cards. so if i want to know how many time i use it to add money or take out money..
    can you make a example of this ? THANKS

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