Thu. Jan 16th, 2020

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javaScript tutorial basics fundamentals ( data types string numbers objects null undefined )

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In this tutorial we learn javascript from the beginning. I will be using code playground such as to show you live code examples covering following topics

– Javascript how to define a variable
– Javascript how to define a string
– Javascript how to define a number
– Javascript how to define a object
– Javascript how to define a null
– – Javascript what is undefined?
– Javascript what is null?
– Javascript how to write hexadecimal, octal, floating point, double, Boolean ,
– – Javascript how to add properties to an object
– Javascript how to properties to an array

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23 thoughts on “javaScript tutorial basics fundamentals ( data types string numbers objects null undefined )

  1. am a beginner. all of my doubts are clear, i need to learn more about object and array.will you suggest me your other videos related to object and array and thanks to share this online code editor link (

  2. If I use square brackets for defining properties of objects with space , its showing me an error as Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token [ … , this is the statement I used var x["hey boy"]="hi"; , where have i done mistake ?

  3. why below returns object object when i use document.write . in console it is okay.

    var x = {};

    x.p1 = "a";

    x.p2 = "b";


  4. Hi,
    just confuse, can you tell me
    var i = "Ash";
    var k = Number(i);
    alert(typeof(k)); why it is number? because we have used Number(i) it converts the i into number and it is now a number?

  5. pls can someone provide a solution to this "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'addEventListener' of undefined or null reference" which has been disturbing now over some weeks what do i need to do?

  6. i am trying to get over this event handler over some weeks now but i can't it keeps on displaying "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'addEventListener' of undefined or null reference" in the browser console

  7. Gotta say, this was a very professional, basic guide on JavaScript type usage. I was very impressed, as the speaker managed to speak slow and clearly enough to communicate effectively while transitioning through topics quickly enough to not notice the half hour runtime.

  8. NaN comes up when an object var has properties that could compute to a number like .length and other string methods.. I see NaN as a js helper to fix bugs fast as it makes you locate the error in your code faster to where you didn't parse a number to a method of function that depends on the calculation..

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