Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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John Mulaney: "Hosting Saturday Night Live was Like Visiting Family"

1 min read

John tells us about the initial anxiety of walking back into the SNL studio, but was quickly reminded that it was the greatest time of this life.

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24 thoughts on “John Mulaney: "Hosting Saturday Night Live was Like Visiting Family"

  1. "I sometimes remember it like sleepless, chain smoking, you know, the host doesn't wanna do that, they cut my thing, oh man I'm so tired! Sometimes that's the slideshow. I walked in the door & I was like this was the greatest time ever." John Mulaney just described my 20th high school reunion felt. Only I didn't chain smoke. There was no host. And I got plenty of sleep. But it was the exact same thing.


  2. Metaphor of cast=cows writers=humans yikes! I know what he meant, but, . .I hope any cast members do too, if they hear this. I think that's what intrvwr was thinking too.

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