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Joining a Windows Vista computer to a Windows Server 2008 domain – Windows Vista/Server 2008

1 min read

This tutorial will show you how to join a computer running Windows Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate to a domain with a server running Windows Server 2008.

23 thoughts on “Joining a Windows Vista computer to a Windows Server 2008 domain – Windows Vista/Server 2008

  1. you just save my boss $300 on having to call the tech guy, i was able to joined three brand new computer to the office network following your video you sir deserved many more likes, thumb ups. views, etc etc THANKS

  2. @isaacburgos1 Install 2 virtual machines into VMware Workstation, set up the networking on both so that they are both on the same network, vmnet2 for example and then set up a DHCP on the server etc as usual.

  3. @jp96815 Copied the contents of my laptops Windows Vista Home Premium restore DVD to my hard drive, removed PID.txt from the "Sources" directory and then re-created the DVD as a bootable ISO image for VMware. After that PID.txt file is removed it will allow you to install any version of Windows Vista and not just Home Premium in my case.

  4. @Zorack10 You are correct about the first part that the computer has 2 logons, domain and local however whether they are under different rules depends on what has been set up in group policy under computer settings. Some administrators even decide to disallow local log on's to a computer once it is on a domain.

  5. So the computer that is joined to a domain has two different logons? One for local and one for the domain? So joining the domain controller it's under different rules than if one just logged on locally?

  6. Thank you for this video it really did help. I do have a question for everyone including the video poster, if you can help that would be awesome. My question is, When working with Server, the only OS in the Vista series that will join the domain is Vista Business and Vista Ultimate, right? So this will not be an option on Vista Home editions whatsoever? please let me know, and thanks again!

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