Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

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Journey from PHP to Vue.js + Laravel

1 min read

01:04 – Caleb’s journey: started in PHP and jQuery for sophisticated apps, then looked at Angular which was a bit too complex to learn. Then React was getting big, but the learning curve was too steep. Finally, it worked out with Vue.js as it has a much easier learning curve.
03:23 – The big advantage of Vue.js is that you learn while doing. It’s easy to start with and the more that you do the more you understand – allowing you to quickly start doing more complex things.
03:51 – A big advantage of Vue is that with time things become clearer and then you can more easily understand and jump into React.
05:56 – Laravel: The perfect framework for someone used to PHP, with a content culture of questioning the status quo and making things simpler

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