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Jr Ntr About Nagarjuna Bigg Boss 3 Hosting | #BiggBoss3Telugu | YOYO Cine Talkies

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Jr Ntr About Nagarjuna Bigg Boss 3 Hosting,
Star maa,
King Nagarjuna is hosting the Bigg Boss Season 3 …
Nagarjuna looked like Raja in hosting Shruti. Season 3 hosting was also announced … many celebrities, along with netizens, received a lot of applause. Junior NTR also commented on the popularity of the Compliment. NTR also lauded Nag Hosting ….. Nagarjuna said that it was great to see Garu as my eldest boy on the stage. In acting, Cupid seemed to be. Audiences have also received honors in hosting. Even now, through Season 3, Nagarjun has increased our TRP rating. NTR said that Season 3 is getting better than Season 1and 2. They have to spend 100 days at home on 64 cameras. Successfully completing the tasks given by Bigg Boss will be the winners of who will continue to support the crowd. The original Bigg Boss game began Monday. Bigg Boss made the nomination by nominating Singer Rahul Sipliganj, Varun Sandesh, Vitika Sher, Srimukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Zafar for the first weekend elimination process. One of these six men will be out of the house next Sunday.

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