Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Keith Thurman on how to beat Manny Pacquiao in their upcoming title fight | INSIDE PBC BOXING

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Keith Thurman joins Inside the PBC to discuss what it will take to beat Manny Pacquiao in their upcoming title fight in July.

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Keith Thurman on how to beat Manny Pacquiao in their upcoming title fight | INSIDE PBC BOXING


35 thoughts on “Keith Thurman on how to beat Manny Pacquiao in their upcoming title fight | INSIDE PBC BOXING

  1. Bruh Thurman knows exactly what he’s up against he’s just trying hard to sell this PPv it’s not a boxer on earth that honestly thinks manny is weak Keith is just trying to get people to tune in and I wanna see it more the way he’s talking

  2. kieth the best way to beat manny is wait till he 10 years past his best because i dont want to fight the big boys they might fck my womans hair up

  3. Hindi mo matatakot si Pacman.. kahit na anong pananakot mo sa kanya di matitinag yan. Bisaya yan at ang talent at lakas nya ay galing sa Panginoong Diyos. Kaya lahat ng sinabi mo kakainin mo.

  4. Thurman actually made a point there when he said paqiao in his fight agains broner "PAQIAO HAD IT GOIMG HIS WAY THE ENTIRE FIGHT"
    Wich is basically true,
    Because if you look at that fight..
    The way broner fought.
    And broner is soo stupid
    Broner was on the back foot the whole fight.
    Broners game plan was just to prevent paqiao from landing.
    Wich is very difficult to do against someone with paqiaos style.
    Only person who neutralized paqiaos style was mayweather..
    And here is the difference between Broners shoulder roll and Floyd's shoulder roll..
    If you notice..
    The Main thing is that broner relies too much on defense
    Wereby floyd can walk you down with his defensive style and break you down.
    I guess broner was trying to do better then floyd.
    Wich is avoid getting hit
    But then..
    Here is the problem.
    Broner is too stationary
    You don't fight paqiao in a stationary way
    He will beat you.
    Thurman is not broner..
    Thurman has a style that has movement
    And it's very awkward..
    Look at his fight against Guerrero and you'll know what I'm talking about.
    Or at least the fight against porter..
    Thurman is just tough to deal with.
    And this will be paqiao biggest mountain to climb because not is Thurman athletic,
    He's hungry..
    Honestly guys..
    If you look at the current welterweight rankings..
    Paqiao has got no competition in there..
    He chose to fight Thurman cus he noticed Thurman didn't look good in his last fight.
    Had Thurman looked good the way spence broke down Garcia.
    Then paqiao surely wouldn't be fighting Thurman today.
    Because he went to go watch the spence fight with high interest
    And the moment he noticed that spence was just too good..
    He bailed out..

  5. Im actually curious where Keith was during the Pacquiao-Maragarito fight. Pacman had always been the shorter man in his fights, and we know how those went.

  6. I am rooting for Manny but come on guys Pac Man is not winning this fight? I do not see him being able to box Keith, control any distance or ring space. I can't stand Thurman talking crazy though!

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