Tue. Jan 7th, 2020

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KTL's HTML and CSS in Hindi | HTML attributes in Hindi | What are HTML attributes Hindi

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For PDF file of HTML source code in this lesson visit: Visit: https://ktlhtmlinhindi.blogspot.com

Attributes are used to give information about an element. We will study about attributes in this lesson.

Hi friends, in KTL videos and websites we are presenting educational lessons. Our lessons are easy to understand. They are simple and slowly explained. If you watch one video completely you will learn that topic. If you see same video second time you will become more clear and confident. So, friends wish you a very happy learning.

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1. Learn HTML and CSS in English – This is a website for teaching HTML and CSS. You will find very simple web pages and everything explained clearly. When you are studying a lesson you can develop your own HTML scripts. Visit: https://ktlhtmlinenglish.blogspot.com

2. Learn HTML and CSS in Hindi – In this site HTML and CSS are explained in Hindi. Visit: https://ktlhtmlinhindi.blogspot.com/

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