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Kubernetes Native Java and Eclipse MicroProfile

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Until the advent of the cloud Java was the dominant language for enterprises, with many popular frameworks and stacks such as Java Enterprise Edition, helping improve developer productivity. However, cloud users started to ask questions about whether Java and those frameworks were the right technologies. Terms like “bloated”, “too slow” and “legacy” became commonplace when discussing Java in the context of cloud platforms and newer languages started to appear. Fortunately Java and the communities are nothing if not resilient and over the intervening years new architectural approaches, changes to the JVM itself, and even cloud specific standards have arisen to ensure that Java remains a key component in the developer arsenal. In this presentation we will cover some of those challenges, discuss how one of those standards efforts (Eclipse MicroProfile) has helped move the Java community forward, and give an hint at some changes happening in the Java language and frameworks with the Quarkus project as an example.

Mark Little, RedHat

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