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LAMP Server Setup CentOS 7

1 min read

A step by step tutorial on how to setup a LAMP server on CentOS 7 Server using YUM

Install Apache HTTPD, MariaDB and PHP

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38 thoughts on “LAMP Server Setup CentOS 7

  1. Hello there mam! I used to practice setting up a webserver on linux too , i could access it on my host machine browser too , but will this work if my staff wanted to access the local website using any of their devices? Considering that they’re connected to the same network

  2. @SysAdmGirl Thanks for taking time for this. It helped me. I did myself – all worked. Just one change since you made the video, there is a small command change – start and restart is now apachectl start and apachectl start. Just in case some one gets stuck,.

  3. The only issue I had was having the proper permission to execute the PHP file. When entering in the same command you've entered to create the PHP file, it did not properly execute. Essentially, it did not create the file.

  4. hello thanks for the video, could you show another one, explain how to access those service. example, how can I access and upload files to www, or mysql, I installed mysql-front, and something like that. thanks anyway!

  5. one vote more for using web server in a container, there is so much advantages and it is simple and useful. docker container for instance: 1 container for httpd, one more for msql, and etc. it's so powerfull, more secure and flexible. i can't figure out why i am not used it already. as docker based on cgroups, you can accounting so resources for each container as you need, limit ram, cpu, io bandwith. it is really awesome.

  6. I really enjoy watching your videos.
    Great tutorial!
    Things I wish you would cover more in your channel:
    Snort (NIDS) + any real time monitor tools
    Security related tutorials
    Shell scripting (preferably on Bash)
    Thank you! =)

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