Fri. Aug 30th, 2019

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LARBS is coming to Void Linux with dwm!

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32 thoughts on “LARBS is coming to Void Linux with dwm!

  1. Better yet, just roll your own configs with gentoo + suckless. I myself use openrc, musl (install with hardened musl stage 3 tarball, instructions in readme), mksh, dwm, st, and surf/tabbed.
    Someday I might even do LFS with plan9 coreutils, openrc, mksh, and musl when I get the time to do so.

  2. Luke: “Systemd isn't that bad guys, I don't think there are too many disadvantages compared to other init systems”


  3. This is not a good decision for the LARBS project.. Void Linux doesn't support many current programs that Luke's channel currently produce. For example, DWM and Void doesn't support image previous in vifm and ranger,because issues with w3m. Next, Void Linux doesn't support R and Rmarkdown, even a complete Texlive. Forget many many things like vidir, ueberzug, etc. And patch things and remake everything, is annoying and really buggy . And you need to compile a tray apart to have a WiFi selector, and many other issues with laptops …. Luke, you will have a lot of ancient work to have this working in a modern way of use.

  4. Check ansible. You could support different environments and different distros, all in one repo. I'm managing my arch and macos envs with it and have the same console experience on both ends.

  5. I've been using LARBS and its scripts in a real bastardized hacky way with dwm for months now, but missing the nice camtoggles and other optimized i3 scripts that I'm too brainlet tier to fix myself. This is great news.

  6. Wait a minute.. So you made a video about how good systemd is according to you (even though it is really bloated) but you are on Void linux now which doesn't run the bloated init system? What happend?

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