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Learn HTML5 – full course with code samples

1 min read

This course is the quickest way to learn the basics of HTML. Watch it here on YouTube or check out the interactive version at Scrimba, where you’ll be able to play with the code as well:

HTML is one of the core building blocks on the web, as it’s what holds the content on all the websites you visit. Thus, HTML is a must-have skill for all web developers.

While HTML is a huge subject, the basics can be learned quickly. This course aims at taking you from absolute beginner to proficient in HTML in less than an hour. Throughout the lectures, you’ll be building a neat-looking website from scratch together with the brilliant instructor Eric Tirado.

Get the ‘index.css’ file from this course here:

What you’ll learn in this web development html crash course:

– Intro to web architecture (0:00)
– HTML documents (4:25)
– Nesting (7:19)
– Head elements and scripts (11:23)
– Layout elements (17:33)
– Figure and image elements (20:28)
– Embedding videos (26:54)
– Navbar and list items (31:12)
– Headings (34:05)
– Text formatting (36:04)
– Tables (42:15)
– Links and final touches (49:27)

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47 thoughts on “Learn HTML5 – full course with code samples

  1. This tutorial is so bad. Skips relevant information, combines knowledge of html/css/js without explaining the logic. the code looks different from lesson to lesson without addresssing the changes. The CSS information is totally ignored but he makes use of that code to beautify his website while explaining nothing of it. If you're starting with this video as a first tutorial, better start with something else because i feel like I have to pause every 10 seconds to check my code and knowledge fits his. In a way it's good that I have to put that extra work into figuring out the solution to my own code problems, but I feel like this is a crash course without too many explanations and that could discourage people.

  2. At 8:13 what do you use to make it sync directly with the browser when saving the document? Is it the extention VSCode Browser Sync? I can't get mine to work and I think it is due to this requirement: "A web server supports proxy". I wonder if you are maybe using something else? I really would love if mine could work too. 🙂

  3. This video does not emphasize enough that html is only used for document structure, not appearance. Yes it is mentioned a few times, like break break spacing (shudder), but new students of HTML should not even be told that tags like b and i exist. Using them is a very bad idea and the best way to break a bad habit is to never get them started on it. Likewise they should be warned never to use inline styles in actual production because it makes the long term maintenance of a site into a nightmare.

  4. Sir u dnt show css or Java script code and result that shows in this video us also use both codes without these we can't make same interface plz how I can do this

  5. I'm CONFUSED ! HTML , CSS are for website design . Adobe InDesign is for
    website design . InDesign is very more fast to do it , HTML – CSS are
    more difficult and slower to do . clear it to me , please !

  6. Why does everyone who "teaches" HTML make the same mistake of saying that an id can only be used once in a page????? The id NAME can only be used once, but you can use ID as many times as you want on any page.

  7. But I wanna know something, If we have tamplates ready, and with html we make statiques websites, why do we learn html? we just need to use wix or wordpress to make them without the need to learning the html language, can anyone explain it to me? I hope I explained my self well

  8. I wouldn't say this is a beginner course. It's more of a code along. If teaching html why confuse people with css styling etc? You haven't shown the css doc either so we can't see the same end result as you

  9. I did all this as I tried to follow step by step and it doesnt work as I tried in Visual Studio code. I even jumped into Scrimba and doesnt work there either.
    you are suppose to be teaching beginners, but if beginners can not do exactly what you do as they follow you, because you are hiding other kinds of code
    but yet flaunt the design , its not cool , not cool at all.

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