Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Learn Programming in Java – Lesson 02 : Variables, Data Types and Assignment.

1 min read

In this lesson we cover variables, datatypes and the assignment statement. We also take a look at arithmetic operators and the ternary operator. In Netbeans I’ll show you how to step through your code a line at a time and set watches on variables.

31 thoughts on “Learn Programming in Java – Lesson 02 : Variables, Data Types and Assignment.

  1. I installed the NetBeans, realized it cannot run anymore, here is waring and false:
    警告: [options] 未与 -source 6 一起设置引导类路径

    错误: 不再支持源选项 6。请使用 7 或更高版本。

    错误: 不再支持目标选项 6。请使用 7 或更高版本。

    BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)
    can somebody help???

  2. Hello, thanks for the video's! One question about this one what i dont understand. At 5:39 you declare certain letters to the %'s. You use : 's' 'd' 'f' . However, i used other letters than those and the program did not run. I changed it to the ones you used and now it does work. Why is that? Do you need to follow certain structure when using that letters?

  3. sir, when i give it input of a diff name ,age, gpa it gives me the output with those diff input and not of what i have stated in the programme. so then why do we even label the age,gpa and name in it initially, it should give me an error or should not take a diff input from me than what i have already stated in the programe?

  4. Stumbled onto this course. Great way to start learning. I have a Q about the outcome of this code. When I run it it does not print out Lines 21-24. The little Lightbulb says "Too few parameters passed to format." I think there should be another % Format Specifier added, I just dont know what. Please help and thank you.

  5. Hi, thanks for the wonderful effort. During this exercise, I am getting an error "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Uncompilable source code – Erroneous ctor sym type: <any>
    at interactivecommondata.InteractiveCommonData.main("

    I am sure my code is written correct. Please advise. Thanks.

  6. I really like your teaching method. It makes it easy to understand. I like the examples and even your voice is pleasant. It doesn't put you to sleep or anything. Thanks!!

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