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Learning HTML/CSS, is it Important for UI/UX Design? Tips and Advice

1 min read – In this video I talk about how HTML/CSS fits into the UI/UX Design discipline. I provide some quick tips on getting started learning HTML and CSS.

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29 thoughts on “Learning HTML/CSS, is it Important for UI/UX Design? Tips and Advice

  1. We have a small project to do with a friend. I am supposed to take care of the graphic page of the site. This is a video from 2015, is everything current? I am at 0.3 IT level on a scale of 1 to 10 hyhy;). Your video inspired me very much and let me believe that it will not be so difficult if my friend takes care of java script, etc. Because he is like my boss;)

  2. Thank you so much for all your info Mike! I'm actually trying to work very hard at this, I'm learning a lot. I think most of it is listening to talks and classes on ux ui design like this to get familiar with the UX vocabulary. Prototypes, research, agile. All that goes into the process. I'm working on my portfolio right now. Can you possibly do more videos on the process of creating your portfolio and maybe how to find freelance work?
    I apologize if you already have videos on this subject up. 

  3. Let's say, you create a file save name as any name you like but save it with the format like xxx.css then inside the xxx.css file you create class or id, then at the main html file you use division command to call the css id or class that you have created.
    css example:
    .container (this is class)
    #mytype (this is id)
    HTML example
    <div class="container">contents
    <div id="mytype">contents

  4. HTML,CSS,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT four major web languages for front end design, of course still need a graphic designer who is really good in Adobe PS and AI then you can really make a very fascinate and attractive front end website

  5. thank u sir for all your videos My questions are : what all stuff i need to learn to become a web designer? and how much does a web designer earn per hour ? hope u answer me thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks 🙂

  6. Ok I understand your point. The thing is some of us like the mix of creative websites. And for that you need to know front end (javascript,html&css) and a lot of design. I'm talking more about websites like awwards and so on. The websites are amazing and I truly wanted to dig in javascript for fun. But yeah is hard.

  7. Great video. I agree that knowing little bit of coding helps a lot. I see some young people in company where I work only knowing Photoshop to makeup the page, creating sometimes very difficult or hard to use designs when they go to be coded. Knowing coding can help a designer decide the path to go, knowing the coding limits or find new ways to present the website in creative and with motion.

  8. Hi Mike i'm Anas From Morocco i'm Also a designer I want to know is coding very important for UI / UX? i use only html and css
    and i want to become UI/UX. Thank you

  9. Where did you go to school for ui/I'd design? For front end developers there are coding bootcamps that last 12 wks…are there bootcamps for ui design? What's a good wizywig? Is it like the browser console?

  10. What is different. Of front end devloper or ui/ux devloper I m totally confused. About these all thing i have knowledge. Of html.css java script.jequre and litel.bit php so.which is the best for me

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