Tue. Jan 14th, 2020

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Learning the Basic's of PHP Programming – Tutorial 1

1 min read

Hey there again Youtubers! This is a remake of my last tutorial 1 for I had forgot to mention an important file you need to run PHP scripts.
Things you will learn in the video:
• What is PHP and how to start a PHP script
• How to code block and inline comments
• How to create variables
• How to display words and variables

Tutorial Two at:

25 thoughts on “Learning the Basic's of PHP Programming – Tutorial 1

  1. Alright, I have a question (sorry for commenting on an old video but..)
    I use jEdit and I have the php stuff downloaded, What do I open the file with?
    On my desktop it shows the jEdit icon and then 'helloworld.php" and when I open it through cmd it just opens jEdit with the php script.
    help me ;-;

  2. man i got a problem in cmd… i am at C:Usersal3xDesktop> and i type php helloworld.php and it says :
    'php' not recognized as internal or external command, executable program or script file. 🙁

  3. @AndroidT01187 , Nah VI is the best editor hands down, but Notepad++ is ok if your running Windows. But PHP is best run in a LAMP stack (Linux,Apache,Mysql,Php) in my opinion.

  4. Hey curtis, Love the video and im just getting into programming. Think you can help? A lot of my files on my computer are unregistered it seems. When i open the files they cant find a program to use. Also when i save the Php file to my desktop, it says php file but it has the same unregistered icon. please help. ty -Ben

  5. I downloaded php twice, but every time I press enter on the command prompt it says that 'php' is not recognized as a batch file, internal or external command, or operable program. HOW DO I DO THISSSS???!!!!!! :'(

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