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Lecture 1: Java Introduction to Java Programming Tutorial in Amharic | በአማርኛ

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The videos are tutorials regarding the Java Programming language prepared for Amharic speakers all over the world.

Here is the website to get source codes and learning materials we have used:

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26 thoughts on “Lecture 1: Java Introduction to Java Programming Tutorial in Amharic | በአማርኛ

  1. enie ye koit science and technology ye information system temari negn……..tutorialu betam betam tekimognal betaelay c++,html,php and java betam harif new……..betam enwedhalen dawed betam akebrhalew…….you are really importante person fou our country keep it up bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!harif yemitalachewun metsihafoch ye programming please inbox adriglign betlay ye java , phyton and microsoft access data.

  2. hi there i admire and respect you very much.and i saw your tutorials but i have one question for you please make atuotrialabouthowtomakeandroidappandhoetousejavafroandroidappdevelopemet.mendlotofmyfriendareinterestedinthistopicplease.

  3. Thank you Ethio Programming for all programming tutorials amharic briefing. I want to do database on Ms Access using VBA Access but I luck the skill on it. Please do brief as others.

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    ከቻልክ ሰል software installation process በታሳየን በግሌ በጣም በጣም በጣም በጣም ደስ ይለኛል

  5. This is the ethiopian version of bucky robert ….i really tankes man ….
    maybe you may not get 1 or 2 million subscribers for now on because of ethiopian expansive internet but you will save ethiopian youth generation by giving free schooling system in amharic so DONT EVER STOP KEEP IT UP BRO.

  6. በጣም እንከን የለሽ ነው ግን ቪዲዮክ ፅሁፉን እንዳናነብ እያደረገን ስለሆነ ፅሁፍ የሌለው ቦታ ላይ እየተከታተልክ ብትይዘው መልካም ነው በተረፈ በርታ እጅግ እናመሰግናለን!!!

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