Fri. Nov 8th, 2019

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LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon – Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene

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Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video. Opinions are my own.

It’s that time again to compare a smartphone to my $50,000 RED Weapon Camera. This time we used LG’s new smartphone, the V30, to replicate the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene. Check out the scene, and let me know if you can tell the difference? Leave your comments below!

Please do not try any of the stunts you see in this video, as they are performed by trained professionals.

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24 thoughts on “LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon – Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene

  1. The Red definitely sees a broader color range, but I could only tell because the video footage was side by side. That said, that's still some sick V30 footage, man. Dopeness.


  2. What i really like here is that you do a comparisation without really claiming that one is better than the other. Sure is, a smartphone cant hold up to a RED and propably never will, yet it plays in a completely different class but still delivers pretty good footage. Most comparisations your find on here are more like "Im a fanboy of this and im gonna compare it to the new camera of an other brand just to point out the flaws to make mine look still better." You did a good job here to keep it fair in every way! Thumbs up. I really enjoy your channel.

  3. You can See that it is not the technic, it is what you can do with it, a good Film maker and cheap mobile is better than a high end cam and someone who just started

  4. in some shots u cant tell the differences unless u are looking for it i think the LG is a bit more heavy in contrast on some colors where as the red makes them pop and bright but great video non the less.

  5. in 5:01 l see a gelatinous effect, I have had the same problem in other mobile phones unfortunately….. Have you ever been to able to fix?

  6. Fabulous work. Exceptional professional knowledge. Thanks for your generous and incredible sharing of your highly talented and giftedness in so many diverse subject areas expertise. Absolutely phenomenal teaching abilities. Thanks so much for making the world a better place through sharing your incredibly awesome creative work abilities. Mucho Gracias a zillion times. So appreciative and grateful.

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