Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

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Lightbox 2 tutorial – Javascript / XHTML

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43 thoughts on “Lightbox 2 tutorial – Javascript / XHTML

  1. I have used the version of lightbox you used in your tutorial however when trying to implement the latest version it is not playing nice.  Are you thinking of doing a tutorial on this latest version of lightbox?  Thanks

  2. The old way=highlight a big bunch of pictures = create web album and vala Done

    New way=learn more about HTML = manualy select all of your 75 pictures and 12 hours latter youve created yourself an album!!!!! Mmmmm, who idea was this!!

  3. if i were to click on the last thumb, would the lightbox open up on that image or will it default to the first image no matter what?? anyone know 😕

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