Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

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Linux 5.4 (& 5.5), FTC vs YouTube, HPLIP, Coreboot, Firefox, Google Stadia | Destination Linux 149

1 min read – Hosted by Ryan, Zeb, Noah & Michael

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Coreboot Version 4.11
Firefox Sweetens The Pot
HPLIP Gets A New Release
YouTube vs FTC: Family-Friendly Content at Risk?
Linux 5.4 out and 5.5 Kernel Coming
Half Life 3 Confirmed Sort Of
Google Stadia Launches

Software Spotlight:
Synaptic Package Manager
Muon Package Manager

Tips & Tricks:
Making passwords with Diceware

28 thoughts on “Linux 5.4 (& 5.5), FTC vs YouTube, HPLIP, Coreboot, Firefox, Google Stadia | Destination Linux 149

  1. 17:45 IDK about you, but I won't believe the "MS heart linux" until they do something like you say, release something that they DON't benefit from: i.e. DirectX (even though it's being deprecated with how awesome Vulkan is, it'd be great for getting older games running flawlessly via wine if we had full directx source access)

  2. It's clearly paranoid to check under the car and in the car for people rubbing you. If you are not living in a city with very high criminality rates or you are rich, that is crazy.

    What's the next take a gun into the bank in case somebody wants to rub the bank while you are in there? If you are that paranoid stay in your house get some delivery service and live under your bed.

    There are 1000 much bigger risks the chance that you get overrun by a bus while you stop to watch in the back of your car is higher than this one. And let's say for some fucked up reason somebody lies under your car (never heard such scenario) and has a gut what do you do when you look under it and the person holds a gun towards you? make some Kungfu fly away moves or what?

    You can't preper for the very unlikely horrible thing. If you sit in the world trade center at 9/11 and you see a plane coming towards you, you are fucked no matter what you do. And being nonstop in fear of course has negative implications for your health. You get anxious maybe in last result depressive.

    And you basically give up anyway, instead of creating political realities to live in a better place everybody expects the worst from everybody nonstop.

    And it's the same mentality why all or at least most of the police brutality happen. They are not willing to take even small risks so rather to take that risk of 0.1% that the person just pulled a gun they shoot 50 bullets into them.

    A society of cowert mens where nobody is willing to take even small risks is the hell. Maybe America is really so horrible or the place you live on, but usually it should not be that much higher than in europe, then ok I get it, but if you are in a normal place and you are no person of special interest / rich… don't be so paranoid. People very rarely just want to murder people if you give them what they want you get everything back from the insurence and or your losses are not that high.

    Again it might be a america thing, but in normal civilised places of this world I disagree to that behaviour, because it hurts you. If nothing else it costs you time and time is money.

  3. Fantastic coverage, layman's definition for the Luddites 🙂
    give Bitchute another try – its not there yet, but close…!!!
    great to see you all together, lol, banging heads and making sense….

  4. I like HP's support for open source, but I hate their high color cartridge prices (A scam), that they dry out and become unusable unless you print a shit load, making them very expensive to use.

  5. OK Google, I found a bug in Android: It's harvesting peoples personal info, tracking their every move and habit, as well as using their hardware (especially draining their batteries) without authorization… Now give me my $1,000,000!

  6. Great show, Hmmmmmmmmm it seems Noah is much like me, the-wife is king of the whole house & I'm a want-to-be king of my geek man cave basement.

  7. Great to hear that you are on other platforms as well, but of course most will still be watching on YT until it becomes unbearable and a critical mass is reached and people flee to other platforms.

    It might be some time until then, but YT is for sure collapsing and becoming more and more like cable TV. Hopefully by then BitChute, LBRY, PeerTube and other platforms will be mature enough to scale without problems.


  8. @Noah and Ryan Trying to compare PeerTube to YouTube and expecting to get a better product from a platform which exists since a little bit more than a year compared to 13 – 14 years, which has neither the money nor the staff Google has, …. really? …. REALLY?
    Instead of complaining just do like Chris Were Digital, Frédéric Bezies , the French dev of Calculate and others, use it:
    You ought to advertise for free and open source software which PeerTube definitely is while YouTube isn't!!!
    If you think PeerTube isn't a good product then make it better just MAKE IT GREAT!
    One big advantage of PeerTube: no censorship at all and it is promoted by Framasoft which is the leader in the world to de-google-ify your life:


  9. 1:45:10 I once was driving down a side street to my home and I look under cars parked becuase I am a freak.
    That day…you know whatI saw other than the road etc but looking under that parked car was little feet and I stopped easyly. I saw baby feet and started breaking then a kid chasing a ball and pressed even harder on the brake,

    If I did not look under that parked car. I could have killed that kid.
    That is why I look everywhere in a 1 ton machine.

  10. I gave bitchute a chance – but Michael is right, the quality is awful. You are better off listening to a podcast because of the low vid quality.
    One service I quite like is Lbry. The content is small and it is really only good for content producers you always watch and not for discovery.

  11. I have one comment. Thanks for talking up HP. I shit listed them like in 1995 and have never considered them since. Yout talk of linux support has put them back on the radar. I dont print much or anything outside of work and whatever equipment they have. Very rarely need to scan documents and when I do I bought an EPSON $40 printer with zero ink and scanned the docs in windows and put it in a bin.

    I might actualy buy a HP printer if I have the need again.

    No one wants a printer that does nothing most of the time running its own software doing god knows what….Im know firewall foo now too…But HP is back on the radar.

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