Wed. Dec 4th, 2019

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Linux 5.4, FTC vs YouTube, Android, System76, Half-Life, Kodi, Brave, MPV | This Week in Linux 88

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On this episode of This Week in Linux, Linux Kernel 5.4 was released and Google says they want the .Android kernel closer to the mainline Linux kernel. We’ll also take a look at some Legal News with the United States’ FTC vs YouTube regarding content For Kids vs Family-Friendly content. Bytecode Alliance was formed to push forward the WebAssembly technology, System76 announced they will be starting to work on building laptops in-house. We’ve got a lot of new releases this week with IPFire, Kodi entertainment center, HandBrake, MPV media player, Brave browser, and a new game from Valve related to Half Life. Later in the show, we’ll check out a cool Humble Bundle for Cybersecurity plus a Music & Sound Effects Bundle. All that and much more on Your Weekly Source for Linux GNews!

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Show Notes –
01:07 = Sponsored by Digital Ocean ( )
01:54 = Linux Kernel 5.4 Released
07:24 = Google Wants Android Closer to Mainline Linux
12:40 = FTC vs YouTube: For Kids vs Family-Friendly?
26:32 = Bytecode Alliance Formed
32:22 = System76 To Design/Build Laptops In-House
34:34 = IPFire 2.23 Core 137 Released
36:00 = Housekeeping
40:04 = Kodi 18.5 Released
43:44 = HandBrake 1.3.0 Released
45:19 = MPV Player 0.30 Released
47:56 = Brave 1.0 Released
52:03 = Valve Announces Half-Life: Alyx
54:57 = Cybersecurity by Packt Bundle
56:32 = Music & SFX Bundle
57:40 = Outro

Humble Bundles:

12 thoughts on “Linux 5.4, FTC vs YouTube, Android, System76, Half-Life, Kodi, Brave, MPV | This Week in Linux 88

  1. Gamepad support for media players is nice because you could use an already existing one as a wireless remote for an HTPC. Personally I have a TV at my bed that's connected to my PC via HDMI and a gamepad would allow me to interact with the player elements of youtube. There's probably an extension for browsers that make this even better, but just binding the various characters youtube uses as hotkeys in its player to the action buttons on a gamepad works really well!

    About Brave: you're basically correct that it has to do with the BAT currency, basically that's how they pay users and then the user could either convert that to their preferred currency or donate it to a content creator on youtube, twitch and the like or websites in general that sign up for this program. Examples for people who've signed up that I know right now would be me (youtube, twitch and my website) as well as Chris Titus and I know Phil DeFranco is signed up to the program with at least the main youtube channel. This is all done through the browser, so no extra code has to be embedded into websites, you just need to sign up and upload one html to your site, similar to how the Google Search Console verifies sites.

  2. Brave is my daily driver but I hate the Chromium base. I do appreciate the speed and lack of adds though. Brave use to be Firefox based! It is crazy that they switched considering the Firefox background of the CEO.
    I just wish Falkon had the repo of apps that Firefox or Chrome has, then it would be my main browser!

  3. Could the be an inconspicuous move toward a completely different OS development (RISC or Quantum Computing) for Microsoft & Google to release influence on Linux development?

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