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Linux and Open Source News You Might Have Missed – 15th Dec. 2019 to 15th January 2020

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Some interesting Linux and Open Source news for the end of December 2019 up until January 2020. A new release of Linux Mint, some big data leaks, and the usual DXVK and Proton updates are accompanied by a new theme for Ubuntu, and a bunch of new hardware running Linux.

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DXVK 1.5 was released, with the headline feature being that it now includes D9VK, the directX9 translation layer.

Google has decided to stop giving an Android license to all phones sold in Turkey.

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia has been released

In another development on the Librem 5 saga, the phone will get a 50$ price hike on the first of January 2020, and go up to 799$ once the “evergreen” batch ships.

Krita has received an Epic MegaGrant of 25 thousand dollars.

Krita Receives Epic MegaGrant

Kdenlive 19.12 has been officially released, with a bunch of improvements to the general performance, and to rendering times.

Kdenlive 19.12 is out

Proton 4.11-11 was released, shipping with DXVK 1.5, the version that now incorporates D9VK directly.

At least 3000 ring users data has apparently leaked on the internet, including usernames, passwords, and camera names.

More data leaks, but a bit bigger this time: 267 million facebook user accounts have been left unprotected, and have been posted for download on a hacker forum.

Report: 267 million Facebook users IDs and phone numbers exposed online

Kubuntu announced the Focus, a high power laptop shipping with Kubuntu by default.

Kubuntu Focus

The Linux kernel version 5.3 has reached end of life, so if you were using that kernel, it’s highly recommended you switch to the newer version, namely 5.4.

Proton has launched its own Calendar to complete its already excellent ProtonMail service.

Mark the date! The ProtonCalendar beta is here

It seems that the Linux kernel can’t stop growing: it has reached almost 28 million lines of code, and more than 21 000 people have contributed to it during the life of the project.

Dell has announced an update to their Dell XPS 13 developer edition, which ships with Ubuntu 18.04, and the main point here is the addition of a fingerprint reader to it.
Introducing the 2020 XPS 13 Developer Edition — (this one goes to 32!)

Linux players enjoying Battlefield V will now have to stop, since the anti-cheat software used by EA is recognizing DXVK, the compatibility layer used to run the game on Linux, as a cheating tool, and banning accounts left and right.

Apparently, Steam for Linux had been started, all this time ago, by ex Microsoft employees.

Firefox 72 was released, bringing enhanced tracking protection, blocking fingerprinting scripts by default.

DXVK had another update, bringing it to version 1.5.1, with performance enhancements and fixes for DirectX9 games

53 organisations wrote an open letter to the CEO of Google to ask Google to take action against bloatware on Android.

Fedora 32 will enable FSTRIM by default.

Google has awarded a gift of 1 million dollars to the University of Vermont, to help them on their research on open source.

Ubuntu 20.04 will probably ship with a few changes to its default Yaru theme.

Ubuntu Makes Major Change to its Appearance Ahead of 20.04

Speaking of themes, GNOME will tweak the shell theme in 3.36.

Proton 4.11-12 was released, and it’s a minor version.

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  1. It isnt a secret Gabe Newell, who is responsible for the birth of directx and making Windows a gaming platform, has clearly stated in the past to wanting to initially target Linux personally as a gaming system before being befriended by Bill.

  2. 4:28 This is why I have no intention of installing any kind of third party managed home security system. If I get one (which I likely will) I'll be installing my own cameras, my own alarms, and will be recording my own footage onto my own hard drive, and managing it all on my own home network.

  3. Nick please, tell me about your Bluetooth experience in Elementary OS. This OS for me is so inconvenient. You have to use terminal for deb and driver installation. And Bluetooth in my case works only for music but I wanted to transfer a few pictures from my phone to my PC. I'm thinking of switching to Ubuntu MATE or Kubuntu or KDE Neon.

  4. Google's power play is genius (and evil), by removing their services on Turkey they send a message to every small country in the world that they're willing to leave and won't comply to any law against their interest. Just like they did with Spain when they closed Google News there.

  5. i live in sweden, i want to buy a new laptop and since this dumb dumb language has 3 non-latin characters i need to find a laptop with Å Ä and Ö keys, I also want to buy the localized laptop WITHOUT window which makes it hard, if anyone can tip me of places to buy laptops without windows that can have the swedish characters, pls tell me.

  6. Man.. I really want to use Linux but I play Forza Horizon 4 which is only available in the Microsoft Store.. I also can't use our printer at home because there are no drivers for Linux..
    Well I have to stick on Windows unfortunately..

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