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Linux App Summit – Day 3

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Linux App Summit – Day 3

0:00 The Year of the Virtual Linux Desktop
Luboz Sarnecki

29:59 Curb Cuts: Accessiblity Features are Just Features
Cassidy James Blaede

1:02:31 Panel: The Future of Linux Apps
Heather Ellsworth, Aleix Pol, Rob McQueen, Alexander Larsson, Alan Pope, Daniel Foré

1:52:35 Look! It’s LibreOffice on KDE Plasma
Katarina Behrens

2:27:15 Bad Language: or how the words we use can affect the success of our software
Paul Brown

2:51:50 Maintaining a Flatpak Repository
Alexander Larsson

3:24:26 GNOME Desktop Snap Applications
Heather Ellsworth

3:44:13 Product Management in Open Source
Nick Richards

4:25:10 Lightning Talks

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