Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

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Linux Elitists Are Frauds – Making Their Linux Life Harder To Look Cool

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Are Linux elitists a detriment to the Linux community? Are they frauds who only use things like tiling window managers and CLI apps to show off and to rub it in the faces of the Linux noobs?


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19 thoughts on “Linux Elitists Are Frauds – Making Their Linux Life Harder To Look Cool

  1. @DistroTube : You have desync audio and video. i think your video are very good and educational but the desync weird me out.
    can i help you that ?

  2. Linux fanboys are like Mac fanboys…just with the skill to code …not saying windows doesn't have any…just feel the worse of fans are from both Mac and Linux…but Linux is beautiful. Here's to seeing it grow bigger .

  3. One of the great things about Linux is choice. If you hate VIM (and I do), use Nano. (Or install Micro, which is even better.) Essentially, use whatever works best for you. If people are going to bag you because you like editing text files in Emacs or you spend most of your day in a terminal window, that says more about them than it does about you. You may take my tiling window manager, but you will never take my… FREEDOM!

  4. I am a noob and I see where you went with it eventually… a bit click-baity but hey maybe that's your style, I admittedly don't know you or your channel very well.

    However, there isn't much reason to draw a divide between the 2 extremes because we are all somewhere between granny and LT on the Linux expert scale. I am a noob but I am much less so than a few months ago, and I will continue to learn despite people's attitudes towards us noobs. I am irritated by the RTFM crowd because it does nothing to attract new users to Linux. But maybe that's by design. Not everyone is as determined to learn as I am and I see potential Linux users being chased away by the so-called experts.

    So if your goal is to create a greater divide then this is the kind of video that drives the wedge deeper. My philosophy is that software and code may become proprietary but knowledge should be open source. I want my legacy to be of someone who passes on knowledge and not of someone who hoards it for myself.

  5. I point and laugh at both crowds. The elitists make me laugh, and the altruists make me sneer.
    Use linux for yourself, not tribal reasons like 'principal' or 'politics' that nobody [genuinely] believes in. Tribes can go die in a plague. And the same goes for altruists, don't teach out of obligation or to show off, you'll make mistakes. Use linux for yourself
    We need more selfish people in this world

  6. You know what that term noob is like being called the n word! And if the community doesn’t get that there is no hope fore you! But by all means keep power using it shows your intellect and nothing more! Every one can learn it’s just how they learn that gets them there!

  7. I don't know if categorizing people in the linux community into groups(noobs, powerusers, elitists) based on what software they use is very smart, I see you as a linux user, maybe even a power user if I had to categorize (which I should not be doing), but there is no way in the world you have reached elitist status when it comes to linux, the knowledge you have presented in your videos is power user at best, there is so much more knowledge you need to have about the linux system before the title of elitist can be used for you. You are sort of contradicting your self when you claim discrimination when you yourself has split the linux community into category's and then placed yourself into one of them category's

  8. I'm a Linux noob, but I can't think of Linux without the command line. It's one of the major drawcards for me. Yes, we should all get on and respect each other's standpoints. After all, we're all in the same boat. FWIW, I use nano for my command line editing.

    Great video and thanks for putting it out there 🙂

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